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INFOGRAPHIC | November 15, 2018

Organizational Change Management - A Critical Parameter in Your ERP Implementation


15, 2018

Organizational Change Management – A Critical Parameter in Your ERP Implementation

Change is the only constant and resistance to change is natural. Change management is imperative in establishing a balance amid these aspects.

An organization undergoes a major change while embarking on an ERP Implementation. The new system, processes and learning results in a resistance towards change. Organizations need to undergo change to be in sync with changing markets and business dynamics. Most organizations don’t realize the significance of change management for their chosen ERP solution till after the implementation. At this stage the solution, which now includes people, processes, and technology, may need continuous updates as the organization transitions, to perform at its best.

The infographic explains why change management is integral to an ERP implementation, the challenges involved and how shaping a change management strategy ensures a smooth transition within your organization.

To get more information on ERP implementation and change management across the organization, talk to an XcelPros expert today. Know how you can reap the maximum advantage of change management to support your day-to-day business functions.

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