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The Paradigm-Shift

Modern pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors are witnessing a paradigm shift of sorts in consumer behavior, market dynamics, margins and increased compliance mandates. New technologies and changing market dynamics are reshaping the pharmaceutical value chain. Technology plays a key role in streamlining operations within pharma manufacturing [KB1] companies. Efficiencies are enhanced significantly when systems and processes come together.

Our goal in life sciences is to solve the most complex problems using technology and optimize resources to positively impact the bottom line.

Value Chain we serve

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors who wish to succeed in a rapidly changing environment must, now more so than ever -

  • Optimize Supply Chains
  • Increase performance of Production Systems
  • Accelerate time-to-market of your product while staying compliant
  • Leverage technology to aid growth and reduce cost of compliance

What we do and how we help

Technology is changing the dynamics of the pharma industry and there is no shying away from it. Our holistic approach helps eliminate silos of the current day.

"Only 8 percent of companies we surveyed recently said their current business model would remain economically viable if their industry keeps digitizing at its current course and speed"
- McKinsey & Company

XcelPros works with contract development, manufacturing and research organizations. We offer solutions and services specifically designed to fit the business needs of pharma and life sciences. Our solutions have helped other life sciences companies achieve their key business objectives such as -

  • Boost operational efficiencies using streamlined processes and agile tools
  • New product development
  • Balance tactical needs of the business with allocated budgets by creating a strategic business and technology roadmap
  • Enhance customer relationships through relevant digital platforms
  • Promote growth initiatives with simple and effective technologies that can interlink and operate seamlessly with each other
  • Render a growth platform by bridging business objectives and state-of-the-art technologies
  • Leverage the power of data and analytics in day-to-day operations
  • Reduce the cost of compliance with automation and elimination of manual errors
  • Compliance with rapidly-changing industry requirements and regulatory compliances
  • SOP development
  • Contribute to risk mitigation initiatives in all facets of the enterprise

Our Focus Areas in Life Sciences

We understand Pharma and Technology.

Isn’t this a good reason for us to talk?

Key Features for Life Sciences

ERP is our expertise. Our flagship, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is offered both in the Cloud and On-premise. Our solutions are specifically tailored for the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry.

Our technology solutions are designed to ensure compliance and controls across the enterprise. Below are a few high-level features -

  • cGMP Compliance
  • Electronic Signatures (21 CFR Part 11)
  • Formula Management (including Formula Designer)
  • Alternate Formulas / Routings
  • Percentage & Weight Based formulations (Scalable)
  • Ingredient substitutions on Formulas
  • Inverse BOM: Co and By product support
  • Cost Allocations to Co-Products
  • Item Pack: Containerization
  • Net realizable value for by products
  • Potency Management (Including potency-based pricing)
  • Batch Attributes
  • Active Ingredients Management
  • Batch Balancing
  • Lot Reservations Policy: First Expire First Out (FEFO) or FIFO
  • Capture & Manage Non-Conformances / Deviations
  • Case Management
  • Ingredient scaling on formulas
  • Catch Weight in production reporting (Dual Units of Measure)
  • Lot blocking and disposition codes for batch orders
  • Integrated Quality Management
  • Shelf-Life Management (incl. Best Before)
  • Lot Inheritance & Full Traceability (forward & backward)
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA)
  • Integrated Document Management
  • Costing (Standard, Weighted & 5 more)
  • Batch Processing (incl. Mixed Mode for Discrete & Process together)
  • Extensive Chemical Properties
  • Quarantine Management
  • Label Management & SDS Management (via iCM - click here)

Compliance & Standards

  • We work with highly regulated industries where compliance is not an option and rather a mandate. Building systems and processes to prevent compliance issues can result in significant cost savings by itself.
  • Automation and Integrated Systems will ensure better compliance and higher quality due to a reduction in manual errors.
  • We leverage GAMP 5’s risk based approach as a guideline in our Pharmaceutical implementations.

"Use cases for digitization and automation have demonstrated more than 65 percent reduction in deviations and over 90 percent faster closure times."
- McKinsey & Company

We offer solutions that are compliant with the following -

  • GS1 Standards to identify, capture and share supply chain data
  • cGMP - Pharmaceutical Quality
  • 21 CFR Part 11 for Electronic Signatures
  • OSHA
  • GHS for Chemical Labeling
  • USDA for meat, poultry and egg products
  • FDA

Deep Industry Knowledge

Consulting & Services

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