Label Management System | Chemical - Pharmaceutical

Label Management


Label Management is a comprehensive labeling solution that will accommodate the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries on the onset and will eventually scale to Distribution and other industries.

Currently, Chemical customers using Microsoft Dynamics 365 resort to 3rd-party label printing software such as BarTender.

iCM eliminates the need for external interfaces that are very expensive to build and are subject / prone to failure in runtime.

iCM provides the infrastructure to be able to maintain labels specific to each operational step. Ex. Label for receiving, shipping etc.

iCM can accommodate new and custom label designs for our customers with very minimal effort using SSRS reports (between 2 and 4 hours of effort).

Label printing is accessible from a few key forms - sales orders, shipments, purchase orders, receiving, production orders etc.

Ability to print adhoc labels in predefined formats.

Ability to print QR Code and BarCodes on the labels.

Label Management - The Value Proposition

  • Eliminate the cost and maintenance of 3rd-party software for Labels.
  • Even if companies are willing to invest in best-of-breed label software, the cost of integrating label printing using this software into workflow of Dynamics 365 incurs significant costs for development and configuration. iCM eliminates the need for these costs.
  • Label Management is embedded into the workflow of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Eliminate the need to customize workflows for labels.

Types of Labels Supported by iCM

  • Primary and Secondary Labels
  • Adhoc labels (of any kind)
  • Raw Material (internal) - Printed either adhoc or from the PO (parameters same as Finished goods)
  • Finished Goods - Printed either adhoc or at the time of report as finished on production (parameters are item#, batch#, manufacturing date, expiration date, quantity, unit of measure, label format, brand, printer)
  • DOT - Printed either adhoc or on the Sales Order (parameters - item number, number of labels, printer, label format)
  • Shipping - Printed either adhoc or from the Packing Slip (sales order #, number of labels, label format, printer)
  • Lab Label - Printed either adhoc or from the Quality Order (item, batch, qty, label format, number of labels, printer)
  • Ability to print simple labels with basic information and instructions for non-hazardous items.