SDS: Safety Data Sheets Management system | Xcelpros

SDS Management


Our solution provides Microsoft customers the infrastructure required to be able to "author" and maintain SDSs within Dynamics 365 ERP.

iCM tracks updates to compliance data via electronic signatures, including reason codes, audit etc.

Provides the ability to author the SDS within an integrated system and associate them to the products / formulations.

iCM will integrate with standard out-of-the-box functionality for SDS.

iCM will include processes and infrastructure required to maintain data pertinent to all 16 sections of the SDS, including Pictograms. These will be referred to as "Master Data".

Transactional Data in this case will be the data associated to the items, versioning of SDS etc.

Users will have the ability to upload and maintain master data elements using Excel and Data Import Export Framework (DIXF).

SDS Approval Workflow includes one or more people with different responsibilities - Author, Validator, Approver etc.

SDS Approval Workflow - Post authoring, the SDS will have a workflow for approval with electronic signatures.

Features at a high-level

  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Authoring
  • SDS Master Data Management (16 sections)
  • SDS Versioning (Major and Minor Versions)
  • SDS Approval Workflow
  • Distribution of Safety Data Sheets (email, print etc.)
  • Generate SDS
  • Multiple SDS documents by item, country and language (one active SDS only per item, per country and language)
  • Extensive Chemical Information Management
  • Master Data Elements using Excel and Data Import Export Framework (DIXF)
  • SDS Audit Management / Change log
  • Role-based Security (ex. SDS Author, SDS Maintainer, SDS Approver, DEA approver etc.

Note - Integrated Chemical Management (iCM) provides the infrastructure, workflow and processes to author and maintain SDS. iCM and XcelPros do not take the responsibility for the chemical data maintained in the system. The end-user / customer using iCM takes full accountability of the data that is printed on the labels, SDSs and any other external facing documents.