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Your Challenge in Manufacturing

The need for CRM in Manufacturing

The solution

Manufacturing industry is now more innovative and agile than ever before. The complexities of the industry have grown over time with technology being a key differentiator for early adopters. The competition is global, making it critical for manufacturers to ensure that every aspect of their business is streamlined and operating with enhanced efficiency.

An industry-leading CRM like Microsoft Dynamics will help manufacturing companies stay ahead of their competition. Based on the results of a recent study* (conducted on a sample of 400), the top issues faced by the manufacturers are –

  • Difficulty in information organization (62%)
  • Difficulty in supplier and customer management (49%)
  • Issues in team work collaboration (34%)

CRM to increase efficiency – 76% of the respondents said that deployment of CRM helped in increasing their efficiencies. These benefits come in a variety of ways - like access to structured information helps with quicker decision making and time saving.

CRM to increase productivity – 90% of the respondents with the issue of productivity indicated to a 10% rise in productivity with 31% of them indicating towards a 50% sales boost.

CRM for customer management – 18% of the respondents indicate that use of CRM as a software has helped them get to the root cause of customer issues resulting in better overall solutions. This helped them increase customer satisfaction by leveraging better data solutions with useful insights.

Shocking ROI results – It is very important for a software to show visible results for people to believe in its working. In case of CRM, 43% of the companies surveyed saw ROI on their CRM implementations in a few months or less. The results for CRM are astounding and unmatched by any other class of software. 95% of the organizations using CRM experienced ROI in one year or less!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been designed to meet the needs of manufacturing out-of-the-box. It will facilitate growth and enhance customer service with simple streamlined processes.

Here is what you will gain with Microsoft Dynamics CRM –

  • Gain a 360-view of customers
  • Centralize customer interactions
  • Forecast sales opportunities
  • Manage accounts/contacts
  • Automate marketing interactions
  • Track materials and resources
  • Streamline sales and quotation processes
  • Analyze and gain visibility of customer data

Talk to our CRM experts today to act on data and realize opportunities you never knew existed before.

Why XcelPros

XcelPros is a global Technology and Consulting Services firm with deep industry knowledge in Pharma, Chemical, Life Sciences (including Medical Devices, Bio-Medical & Biotech), Discrete Manufacturing, Distribution, Insurance and Food & Beverage.

Our mission is to provide integrated technology solutions that amplify impact and empower our customer's businesses. We believe technology is the key enabler of exponential growth for us and our customers.

XcelPros is a Microsoft Direct Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), Systems Integrator (SI) and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Dynamics 365, AX & CRM offering software licensing in the Microsoft line of products. We specialize in the deployment of on-premise, cloud and mobility solutions in industry leading technologies such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Business Intelligence, SharePoint and Azure.

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