With the introduction of Industry 4.0, technological advancements and cutting-edge digital solutions, the face of the manufacturing industry is transforming.

To keep pace with changing markets and customer demands, industrial manufacturers must develop smarter and more connected products

It calls for adapting to innovation, systems overhaul and embracing digitization.

Manufacturing Industry leaders are adopting to cutting-age technologies for inventory management, product scheduling, process optimization, product design and resource allocation.

As a manufacturer, you will need to make sure that your smart factory is digitally adept and your workforce is acquainted with the latest technologies and related processes for maximum productivity and ROI.

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At Xcelpros, we believe that the key lies in understanding. Our continuous, deep research of the industrial landscape has made us well aware of the unique challenges faced by today’s manufacturers.

  • Introduction of smart, digital suite of applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations, Customer Engagement, Customer Relationship Management, Advanced Analytics, Internet of Things, Cloud and Artificial Intelligence across your manufacturing industry is pushing companies to adapt the same.
  • There is a need of optimized supply chain to get a clearer picture of the entire production line, from end-to-end;
  • Quicker response time to avoid delays and fixing the technical or manmade glitches for a smooth flow from top floor to shop floor;
  • There is an acute need to preempt product demand, in order to design the product lifecycle accordingly and meet the demands well ahead of time;
  • Cost-reductions and better time management without compromising the quality of the product has always been an objective of manufacturers and with increased competition, this goal is all the more important to be achieved.
  • There are challenges in the last leg of a product’s lifecycle – The need for effective marketing and sales strategies while making use of digital tools and platforms for faster reach and reduced costs.

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At XcelPros, we look at manufacturing as not just a process, but as a separate business model. This enables us to design and curate our solutions that are not reactive, but proactive in nature. We prepare your manufacturing landscape to rise above the everyday errors and help you take the leap into the next generation manufacturing industry solutions:

  • We help you optimize processes and provide end-to-end engineering solutions for your production lifecycle;
  • Our solutions are designed to facilitate the use of Cloud to systematically collect, store and sort your data for a smoother and smarter manufacturing process approach;
  • Our experts help you implement advanced analytics to reliably forecast product demand, study consumer behavior and optimize supply chain for increased productivity and satisfactory customer experience;
  • We enable you to cut excessive costs by pinpointing and eventually avoiding the common systemic and process loopholes;
  • Our solutions are curated to bring about digital transformation and change the face of your manufacturing blueprint for a better, more streamlined approach;
  • Our subject matter experts help you understand the global rules, regulations, mandates and help you make process changes accordingly.


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