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  • The oil and gas industry is undergoing various changes in technological developments. There is an acute need for systematic digitization of your entire enterprise to enhance efficiency and upgrade your legacy platforms.
  • Digitization and the onset of Industry 4.0 have overhauled the face of various enterprise and business facets. The oil and gas industry is no exception to this phenomenon.
  • According to a report by McKinsey, effective use of digital technologies in the oil and gas industry could cut capital expenditure by up to 20 per cent.
  • Oil & gas would need to increase sustainability, greener practices and smarter solutions to facilitate the future objectives of the industry.
  • Handling compliance and regulatory changes.
  • XcelPros partners with the established and upcoming names in the industry to strategize and implement trusted technology practices that will help them in yielding maximum benefits.
  • Our consulting services and solutions are designed to introduce modern-era applications that will enable smooth transitions for the oil and gas companies and petrochemical enterprises to the new age digital platforms.

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  • The experts at Xcelpros work relentlessly towards harnessing the best of both worlds- legacy and new age to create a plethora of unparalleled harmony and opportunities in the oil and petrochemical sector.
  • We partner with you through the entire lifecycle- upstream, midstream and downstream (and even retail) with our cutting-edge solutions ranging from ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management),Advanced Analytics to AI (Artificial Intelligence), Big Data, Cloud, Machine Learning and more.
  • The aim of this partnership is to enhance procedural safety, automate mundane and recurring tasks, improve operational efficiency, and overall enhanced profit margins.
  • Onset of digitization has opened doors of opportunities and potential, we acknowledge the challenges along the way.
  • Oil industry is highly governed and scrutinized, requiring advanced technology to manage business objectives and key results.
  • Our solutions are designed to understand and adopt the current systems and platforms.
  • We aim for seamlessly integrating modern age digital solutions with conventional practices to reduce extra costs, efforts highten performance.

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Our technological expertise and a cutting-edge approach towards consulting makes us a preferred partner for the oil and gas industry.

Our ERP and CRM solutions are curated to elevate the platform of digitization to its maximum potential.

Our keen eye for all-things-digital makes us one of the most coveted names in the consulting industry.

Our technology consulting experts are focused on delivering the latest and the best solutions in order to take your oil and petrochemical business on a path of higher efficiency and ground-breaking practices.

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