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Integrated Chemical Management (iCM)​ is an industry-first solution, fully-integrated with​ Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain

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Validated solution for pharma & cGMP 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

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First year cost savings $75,000 +

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Eliminate 3rd party systems and expensive customizations

iCM is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the following industries


Contract Manufacturing (CMO, CDMO)



Bulk / Commodity Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals

Life Science

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing



SDS Management

  • SDS authoring, maintenance, and approvals
  • Automated workflows
  • Create and maintain all master data elements for SDS and label printing
  • Multi-language support (all languages supported by Microsoft)
  • SDS templates
  • SDS versioning by country and language
  • SDS distribution for customers, contacts, and employees
  • Full audit management and changelog
  • Integration with select 3rd party chemical compliance software, such as LISAM, 3E, etc.
  • Configurable role-based security and permissions
  • Many more features

Label Management

Efficient Label Printing with Reusable Templates and Automated Workflows

  • Label definition and setup
  • Reusable label templates
  • Leverage regulatory data for label printing
  • Print labels via automated workflows for key operations such as receiving, shipping, production, quality, internal labels and more
  • Single and multi-language labels (All language supported by Microsoft)
  • Role-based security and permissions
  • Full audit management and label logs
  • Commonly used labels, including DOT labels, raw material labels, shipping labels, finished goods labels, lab labels, labels for hazardous and non-hazardous goods
  • Ad-hoc labels of any kind, and more.
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Warehouse Label

Other Features

Streamlined DEA Management and E-Signatures for Safe and Quality Orders

  • DEA management – holds on sales orders
  • Electronic signatures on quality orders, routes cards, receipts, etc.
  • Physical and chemical properties, and other iCM elements for raw materials, finished goods, formulas, and more.


  • Integrated Chemical Management (iCM) is the ultimate solution for businesses operating in the chemical industry. Built on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations platform, iCM brings together multiple critical functions into a single, comprehensive application.

    With iCM, you can effortlessly manage your SDS and label management needs, including private labels, ensuring that your products meet all necessary regulatory requirements. The platform also offers robust DEA management features, enabling you to monitor and track controlled substances with ease.

    iCM is designed to simplify your processes, enhance compliance, and increase productivity, allowing you to focus on what matters most - growing your business. As a Microsoft Preferred solution, you can trust that iCM is built on top of cutting-edge technology and backed by world-class support.

    1. DEA management – holds on sales orders
    2. Electronic signatures on quality orders, routes cards, receipts, etc.
    3. Physical and chemical properties, and other iCM elements for raw materials, finished goods, formulas, and more.."SDS Authoring & Approval with workflows
    4. SDS Maintenance (create and maintain SDS Setups)
    5. SDS Distribution (Multiple items, Customers and Contacts)
    6. Note – End-to-end workflows have been built and enabled for Authoring, Maintenance & Distribution functions.
    7. Create and maintain all master data elements related to SDS’s
    8. SDS Templates
    9. SDS Versioning (Maintenance of major and minor versions)
    10. Maintain SDS Versions by Country & Language
    11. Multi-language support for all languages supported by Microsoft
    12. Auto-derivation rules to derive GHS Label elements by GHS Version
    13. Note – Auto derivation rules are currently available for Section 2 of the SDS. Automated derivations for other viable sections are in pipeline and will be available in future releases.
    14. Ability to store and print pictograms
    15. SDS Item Groups – Ability to link multiple items to a single SDS
    16. Ability to print SDS with your customer’s logo on it (private labels)
    17. Everything SDS (Logs, Workflow configurations etc.)
    18. Enhanced logs for SDS Master, Labels and Label Printing
    19. Mass updates of Safety Data Sheets with any statement or elements changes such as precautionary statements, hazard statements, signal words, pictograms etc.
    20. “Mass Activation” and “Mass Deactivation” of SDS
    21. Role-based security for key functions within SDS Management"

    iQM provides extensive functionality in CAPA management, allowing you to easily and efficiently manage corrective and preventive actions. The platform seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, offering streamlined workflows and the automation of manual processes. iQM is designed to meet the unique needs of the quality management industry, providing a user-friendly and customizable interface to tailor the solution to your specific business requirements.

    1. Label definition & setup
    2. Label printers setup
    3. Print labels via updated & automated workflows –
    4. Receiving
    5. Shipping
    6. Production (incl. Packaging)
    7. Quality
    8. Transfer orders
    9. Print Adhoc labels
    10. View label log
    11. iCM Administrator functions
    12. Group label printing
    13. Group label printing to multiple printers
    14. Multi-tray label printing
    15. Set print destinations on label definitions
    16. Placeholders for certification images such as kosher, halal, etc.
    17. Language selection for SDS sections such as; hazardous statements, precautionary statements, etc.
    18. Additional physical properties such as; specific gravity
    19. Finished goods label printing – by customer
    20. Set print destination settings on label print form
    21. Label printing option included on shipments screen
    22. Workflows for label creation & setups
    23. Print finished goods label on packing slip transaction, fg labels are now included in the post packing slip window
    24. Label printing with storage, tracking and product dimensions
    25. & more.
  • DEA functionality

    1. Anyone that requires the ability to view or update Chemical / Regulatory data of an item or formula in their ERPs Product Information Management (PIM) module.
    2. Anyone that defines and configures labels for different transactions
    3. Anyone that prints labels in the back-office or on the shop-floor
    4. Anyone that maintains chemical regulatory data
    5. Anyone that authors, views or distributes Safety Data Sheets (SDS) or related information
    6. Anyone that works with DEA customers or contacts
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