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Supply Chain

Today’s supply chain consists of a series of disparate, siloed functions, and lack of digitization impacts its operations significantly.

Industry leaders find themselves in a tight spot managing

  • freight cost reduction;
  • innovative packaging solutions;
  • fluctuations in fuel price;
  • customized consumer demands; and
  • differing regulations across countries.

Integrating digital technologies in supply chain operations is key to accelarate its service levels with reduced cost.

Our aim is to provide distribution industry-specific solutions that will help you elevate the landscape of your business to a new level.

With Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, refurbish processes for greater agility and responsiveness, and build more personalized experience for your customers.

Stay Ahead
of Your
by Embracing

We offer solutions for the distribution industry that are uniquely thought-out and crafted to help your company by

  • Leveraging modern ERP and CRM technologies along with add ons such as IoT, AI, Flow, Power BI;
  • Anticipating and avoiding failures in distribution by being ahead of your competition with the help of top-to-bottom monitoring through alerts and notifications and digitized freight management;
  • Improving communication between departments within the supply chain to ensure there are no breakdowns and failures in the process;
  • Enhancing efficiency with access to real-time information;
  • Speeding up order processing time;
  • Enhancing flexibility and agility in the distribution system with the introduction of proven business models;
  • Improving customer experience with the help of customized solutions for the distribution industry.

The opportunities are endless for those willing to adapt. Are you one of those organizations?

Our easy
transformation process
can help your
company rapidly
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  • Rich experience in the field of transportation management, distribution and overall supply chain optimization;
  • Using technology with Innovative approaches to handle the challenges faced by the distribution industry;
  • Access to digitized solutions facilitating real-time freight tracking, inter-functional communication;
  • Systematic data management, preemption and prevention of distribution disruptions;
  • End-to-end solutions provided for the entire distribution function with a clear, systematic blueprint of supply chain designed for the customer;
  • Deep knowledge of the market, making us aware of the changes and challenges in the industry well in advance;
  • An innovation-driven approach towards problem-solving and business model development.
  • Increase your Quality and Speed to Delivery for a Greater Customer Experience

We make use of latest technologies and advanced analytics to harness data and manage the distribution function seamlessly for companies. This helps them achieve their cost-cutting goals. It also gives them a clearer, more transparent picture of their entire supply chain while helping them implement the latest modifications in their existing transportation and distribution model.

Our solution architects are focused on delivering seamless solutions that will uplift your distribution model towards being cost-effective through a roadmap of success.


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