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Your Challenge in Distribution

Streamline Order Management for Distribution

The solution

What sets me apart ?

Similar products are sold by many. Improving the customer experience is the key differentiating factor between companies. There are three key factors that will set you apart from your competition in the distribution industry-

  • Optimal Costs
  • Efficient Supply Chain
  • Ontime Delivery

In this solution, we will focus on the Advanced Order Management functionality within Microsoft Dynamics 365 and how it helps Distribution companies.

  • Distributed Order Management - visibility into all channels within the supply chain
  • Advanced Warehouse Management – to streamline processes in order fulfillment
  • Integrated Label Management Solution - Ability to generate labels embedded in the shipping workflow without the need for an external software solution and avoid the risk of printing errors.

1. What is Distributed Order Management?

Distributed Order Management (DOM) is the functionality that optimizes the order fulfillment operations. DOM helps to determine the best fulfillment locations across multiple sites, warehouses and even retail locations within your organization.

Unlike a Traditional Order Management process, visibility into all channels is always available.

Traditional methods tend to overlook inventory that may be available at third party locations or vendor owned inventory. DOM gives the visibility you need.

A few key features offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 's Distributed Order Management functionality -

  • Retention period in days - how long will you generate activity for active fulfillment plans
  • Rejection Period - how much time must pass before a rejected order line can be assigned to a location
  • Local Store Region Radius - rule to determine what locations within a locale can be considered to fulfill orders
  • Fulfillment Location Priority Rule - define a hierarchy of locations to establish priority
  • Order Rules - determining partial orders or partial line fulfillment rules

2. How does Advanced Warehouse Management help?

Advanced Warehouse Management (WMS) in Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations for a distribution company is critical to optimize processes and add efficiency to your operations.

WMS functionality incorporates the use of mobile devices such as barcode scanners and tablets allowing users to perform everyday tasks such as pick, pack and shipping directly from the warehouse floor.

Labor costs are reduced by minimizing the amount of manual processes thereby increasing the volume of orders that are processed.

WMS helps enforce rules for movement and storage of inventory on the shopfloor. This helps in the expeditious handling of goods and order fulfilment.

3. Key benefits of an Integrated Label Management solution

One of the often-over-looked tasks in order processing is the label management process. An integrated label management offering eliminates the cost and maintenance of third-party software for label management and the redundancy of navigating between duplicate systems adding unnecessary time to the order processing operation.

Through the use of a mobile device Warehouse Order Pickers and Shipping personnel can generate shipping labels during the order picking and shipping processes. Allowing product to get into the hands of your customer sooner.

A chemical distributor who handles hazardous products , for example, it is extremely adding importance of insuring your customers are receiving the appropriate GHS markings.

An integrated Label Management system such as iCM, integrates with the workflow of key business processes thereby eliminating the cost for customization of workflows within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Third party software such a Bartender or NiceLabel are not integrated to the key workflows within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations.

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