iCMIntegrated Chemical Management

Chemical Synergy

Integrated Chemical Management (iCM) is the ultimate solution for businesses operating in the chemical industry. Built to integrate with the powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management platform, iCM brings together multiple critical functions into a single, comprehensive application.

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  • Features

    • SDS authoring, maintenance, and approvals
    • Automated workflows
    • Create and maintain all master data elements for SDS and label printing
    • Multi-language support (all languages supported by Microsoft)
    • SDS templates
    • SDS versioning by country and language
    • SDS distribution for customers, contacts, and employees
    • Full audit management and changelog
    • Integration with select 3rd party chemical compliance software, such as LISAM, 3E, etc.
    • Configurable role-based security and permissions
  • Efficient Label Printing with Reusable Templates and Automated Workflows

    • Label definition and setup
    • Reusable label templates
    • Leverage regulatory data for label printing
    • Print labels via automated workflows for key operations such as receiving, shipping, production, quality, internal labels and more
    • Single and multi-language labels (All language supported by Microsoft)
    • Role-based security and permissions
    • Full audit management and label logs
    • Commonly used labels, including DOT labels, raw material labels, shipping labels, finished goods labels, lab labels, labels for hazardous and non-hazardous goods
    • Ad-hoc labels of any kind, and more.
  • Streamlined DEA Management and E-Signatures for Safe and Quality Orders

    • DEA management – holds on sales orders
    • Electronic signatures on quality orders, routes cards, receipts, etc.
    • Physical and chemical properties, and other iCM elements for raw materials, finished goods, formulas, and more.

Integrated SOP Management (iSM)Integrated SOP Management

Efficient Compliance

Integrated SOP Management (iSM) is an industry-first application that integrates fully with Microsoft Dynamics 365, designed to streamline your business operations and ensure compliance with industry standards by providing you with a comprehensive platform to manage your standard operating procedures.

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  • Features

    • Streamline SOP creation with Dynamics 365 integration and workflow control
    • Centralized creation & management of Standard Operating Procedures by department and legal entity (In case of multi-company organizations)
    • Seamless integration with other Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules and Industry solutions like CAPA, Complaints, and Deviations​
    • Track SOP compliance with key operations
    • Control visibility with tailored permissions on SOPs – public, private, by department, or user-specific permissions​
    • Version control for all Standard Operating Procedures
    • Streamlined workflows control SOP authoring and revisions
    • Configure single or multi-stage SOP approvals
  • Streamline Your Operations:

    • Role-based access control for authorized personnel
    • Link SOPs to specific processes, such as how to handle international orders or how to package hazardous materials
    • Link SOPs to specific master data (i.e. SOPs specific to the handling of a vendor, customer, or product)
    • Print and share SOP reports
    • SOP audit log and activity history
    • Advanced reporting with Business Intelligence dashboards and workspaces with key metrics
    • Tailor the SOP solution to your specific business needs each requirements
    • Link SOPs to internal policies, laws, and regulations
    • Search SOPs by keywords, status, and more
SOP Management

Integrated Quality Management (iQM) Integrated Quality Management

Comprehensive Quality

Integrated Quality Management (iQM) is an industry-first solution that
fully integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply
Chain. iQM offers extensive functionality in quality management,
including CAPA, deviations, and complaints management- all in one
unique and seamlessly integrated application.

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  • Streamlined Workflows and Advanced Reporting for Effective Complaint Resolution integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365

    • Full feature complaints management to effectively manage & resolve any and all internal and external complaints
    • Full integration with master data & key operations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 including CAPA, SOP Management, returns / RMAs & credit invoices
    • Track complaints, investigations, policies, laws and regulations, vendor claims, task management, audit history, and more
    • Work more efficiently and eliminate manual processes with streamlined workflows
    • Advanced reporting with Power BI dashboards & workspaces with key metrics helps identify business trends & areas for improvement
    • Priority setting & progress monitoring for effective complaint resolution
    • Track all related attachments, documents & data in one place
    • Integrate with 3rd party systems as required & more.
  • Integrated CAPA Solution for Efficient Issue Identification and Investigation

    • Robust CAPA solution that helps you identify, investigate issues across various industries
    • Full integration of CAPA with operations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 including SOP Management, Complaints Management, returns, and credits
    • Easy creation and tracking of CAPA records
    • Task assignment and progress tracking for team members
    • Problem statements & Root cause analysis (5-why’s / six sigma, FISHBONE ANALYSIS)
    • Advanced reporting with Power BI dashboards & workspaces with key metrics
    • Ensure compliance with regulations such as CGMP, IATF with built-in electronic signatures
    • Track all CAPA related attachments, documents, and data in one place & more
  • Efficient Lifecycle Management of all Deviations with Dynamics 365 Integration

    • Create & manage the lifecycle of planned & unplanned deviations by categories – incidents, major or minor
    • Full integration with operations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 including CAPA, SOP, and Complaints Management to connect with other quality management transactions
    • Ensure compliance with regulations such as CGMP (FDA, 21 CFR Part 211, EU GMP, ICH)
    • Assign and manage tasks, risks, track investigations & more.
Integrated Quality Management (IQM) Woman working

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