Article | July 8, 2020

Customer Journey : Supply Chain Manager


Brochure-Customer journey Supply Chain Manager

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Gary is the Supply Chain Manager for a Manufacturing facility with multiple warehouse and production locations. He is tasked with keeping track of the warehouse inventory and logistics operations for all of the locations and maintaining supplier relationships for the entire supply chain. Gary is working closely with the quality managers and procurement buyers to ensure on-time delivery and product quality are never compromised.

During the previous ERP project, decisions about enhancing the companies technology was mainly the responsibility of IT. However, when evaluating a cloud implementation, the technology buying decisions are being driven by senior executives and business managers eagerly seeking to leverage technology in order to develop and implement a solution that provides process improvements. The supply chain is the command center for manufacturing operations, from raw materials to the customer experience. Gary knows that a single ecosystem with real-time visibility into sales orders, product deliveries and quality data is required to make precise business decisions.


In past years decisions about enhancing a company’s technology was mainly the responsibility of an IT Manager or CIO or CTO. In today’s new Cloud world, we are increasingly seeing technology buying decisions being driven by senior executives and business managers eagerly seeking to leverage technology in order to gain a competitive advantage.

01. Why do we need a solution?

Current ERP Solution still requires lots of human intervention in selecting approved vendors

Our team has been challenged by the management to cut supply chain cost (shipping and storage cost)

Multiple systems are in place to handle everyday tasks

Our Legacy system is not validated and requires paper processes to validate our operations

02. What are Perceived risks?

How well will a tech partner know our industry ?

Will the project go over budget ?

What will be the user adoption?

How likely is this product going to solve our problem ?

03. Who would benefit?

Accounting Staff will get real-time visibility into how many and what items have arrived to make payments

Warehouse Staff will have visibility into incoming and outgoing shipping volumes

Buyers need to know what to buy and when without guesswork

Quality Assurance Managers, who qualify suppliers, would be able to enter results into a single database

Quality Inspectors would have access to approved items and suppliers when items are received without checking multiple sources or paper records

04. What is offered?

Manage capacity and consumption of raw materials in real time

Automate and scale our warehouse management to optimize the use of space using machine learning guidance

View of the supply chain across geographies and time zones when you integrate sales and purchasing with logistics, inventory, production, warehouse, and transportation management

Manage contracts, onboard vendors, monitor on-time delivery performance, and collaborate with external vendors

Accurate delivery date estimates that take into account material availability and capacity constraints across companies, sites, and warehouses

Integrated quality control capabilities, and quickly identifying and resolving issues through real-time, predictive insights


A Pilot program is risk-free and a good way to evaluate the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply chain solution. Team-up with us and protect your investment on a no-obligation engagement.