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Industry Challenge

Chemical industry is challenged by issues ranging from quality control, compliance, counterfeits, lack of integrated systems and complex supply chain amid constantly changing regulations.

In the US alone, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) increased the quantum of penalties by ~80% in 2017 and imposed heavy fines ranging from $7,000 up to $ 12,000 for noncompliance with GHS through 2016-17. For serious violations, the range could be as high as $70,000 to $127,000.

Integrated systems, infrastructure for the maintenance and distribution of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and harmonization of labels per GHS standards are an answer to most of the issues.

Per survey by OHS magazine, 21% of the companies in the US were noncompliant with the GHS guidelines.

iCM -Overview

Integrated Chemical Management (iCM) is an industry-first integrated solution for Microsoft Dynamics that offers comprehensive functionality for SDS-Authoring and Maintenance, Label Management (including Private Labels) and DEA Management in compliance with the GHS guidelines.

iCM is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, providing impeccable security and seamless connectivity to your data.


  • Eliminate the cost of integration to 3rd-party labeling and SDS systems
  • Integrated Safety Data Sheets Management
  • Real-time safety data sheets and label data management, that are consistent and GHS complaint
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by removing the need to maintain product safety documentation and data in-house
  • Integrate 3rd-party systems to fast-track processes and time to market

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Current Practice

Chemical companies need to subscribe to 3rd-party software to rely on changes to chemical data, and more importantly, accuracy of information related to chemical compliance.

External SDS Management systems can be cumbersome and require extensive spend on customization if integration is required with ERP Systems. This is fundamentally due to a large product base for chemicals and being able to derive and maintain related information in-line with operations.

Per the 2017 Hazard Communication Survey, 70% participants pointed compliance as the single largest priority for their company. 80% of them cited monthly obligations to create, print or affix workplace labels to containers in their inventory as a challenge.

Key Product Functions

is required for every Chemical & Pharmaceutical company using Microsoft Dynamics.