Cloud computing benefits: At a glance

  • The decisive role of C-suite executives in a company’s digital transformation is crucial in driving business towards success.
  • When it comes to the goals and benefits of cloud computing, CEO’s need to take charge and be involved in strategy to make sure that the blueprint matches the company’s requirements.
  • CEOs need to align with the CTOs and CIOs to get maximum advantages of cloud computing and be sure that their digital transformation journey is a smooth one.
  • Partnering with a business advisor can make or break a digital transformation.

Introduction to the benefits of cloud computing

The last decade has seen accelerated growth and transformation in various industries as they embrace the digital thread. There has been a pressing need for companies to streamline processes and optimize operations to go agile. Then, the Covid-19 pandemic left a mark on every industry, making agility (and flexibility) an inevitable aspect of business growth. Remote work is the new normal, so the advantages of cloud hosting are even more apparent.

There are quite a few benefits and moves a company can make around their move to cloud computing. These strategic moves must start at the top and cascade down for maximum efficiency. This is where CEOs come into the picture as the catalysts of accelerated growth. You can take your company down the path of agility and explore the benefits of cloud computing. When these actions are taken while closely with other C-level executives, such as your CTO and/or CIO, the more likely you are to be successful in your transformation.



of IT budgets will be dedicated to the cloud within the next 12 months.

Source: Bloomberg

Any number larger than 30% of a budget is a significant amount. When a company makes such a big investment, there is a lot riding on the shoulders of the person in charge. Any CEO guiding their company through digital transformation can harness economic advantages of the cloud. Taking decisive actions while collaborating with other C-level execs can aid in the process. Read on to learn more.

Three game-changing actions CEO’s can take when it comes to cloud adoption

It is important to understand why the role of a CEO in cloud strategy is so important. To make cloud adoption a success for your company, a CEO needs to strategize transitional moves and make sure that all cogs in the machine are functioning properly for a smooth journey.

According to David Cearley, Vice President and Gartner Fellow, “Organizations that do not have a high-level cloud strategy driven by their business strategy will significantly increase their risk of failure and wasted investment” (from “Cloud Strategy Leadership” by Gartner).

Following these steps can help to ensure employees understand the importance of cloud computing and are comfortable with the change so that the company can see all the benefits from your digital transformation.

1. Communicate change within the organization, to the organization.

First of all, as a company executive, this might be one of the most important actions you can take to ensure a successful cloud implementation. As you know, any disruptive change within an organization creates certain resistance amongst employees. While some might be worried about their skills becoming obsolete, others may feel apprehensive about the security of cloud-based systems.

Basically, with direct communication, employees stay in the know-how and won’t be taken back by any steps in the process which may change their daily routine. This can occur through in-house campaigns, alignment with department heads, announcing new HR policies, and many other means of organizational communication- all helping to ensure a smooth cloud implementation.

2. Keep the financial flow stable.

Second, meeting the goals and benefits of cloud computing can only happen through proper funding. As a CEO, creating a financial funnel that supports every step in the company’s cloud transition journey is vital. Seeing  the advantages of cloud computing may take some time for your business. Because of this, being sure that the financial backing is stable and consistent is very important.

Figure 1: Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud Adoption Strategy Drivers


3. Create a cloud business strategy blueprint.

Third, transforming a businesses processes is only as efficient as the planning that goes into the transformation. Creating a strategy and supporting technology operating model to get optimal value from the move to cloud computing is crucial. Such a model harmonizes interactions between IT and business processes.

4. Partner with a business consultant to aid in strategy and execution.

Finally, there are companies whose sole mission is to aid other businesses in moving to cloud computing. Because this is the sole focus of these businesses, their expertise can be the one thing to make an implementation successful. Consider partnering with a business advisor or consultant to assist with planning, strategy, and change management during your move to cloud computing.

In summation, reaping the advantages of cloud computing can happen via high-level strategy. Seamless harmonizing amongst CEOs, CIOs, and CTOs can turn a digital transformation journey into a profitable benefit for the business.

Cloud computing benefits: Key takeaways

  • CEOs should be looking at cloud computing strategies from a long-term point of view and ensure that the company is allocated with the budget and resources for cloud implementation.
  • Proper communication is the key in migrating to the cloud: employees should receive communication from C-suite executives or department heads to develop trust.
  • Partner with a business consultant who has done this before and can provide expertise in planning and moving to the cloud.
  • Simply moving to the cloud won’t generate value for a business. Higher C-level executives should take lead in their company’s digital transformation to make sure the investment makes its return.

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